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27th - 28th of May


Working Group of Indigenous Peoples


Hotell Lappland, Lycksele

IV Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Congress & 
II Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Summit

Hello everyone, and welcome to the IV Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Congress, and the II Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Summit!

Please fill out the boxes below to register for either the Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Congress, the Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Summit, or both.

Please also note the following:

  1. If you are a delegate representing the Nenets, the Veps or the Saami People, or a panelist, moderator or a key note speaker in the program, conference package is covered. Please make your registration as a Delagate/Program participant in the form below as soon as possible and before 10th may. 

  2. If you are none of the above, please check the box for conference package, amongst other things it includes meals as you can read below. Please make your registration as a Participant in the form below as soon as possible and before 10th may. 


The Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Congress seeks to be the arena for discussion and cooperation between indigenous politicians and organizations in the region.The congress will help strengthen the political cooperation between Nenets, Sami and Veps, and serve as a common forum for matters that are important to the indigenous peoples in the Barents Region.  The Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Congress is the fourth of its kind, and has previously been held in Kirkenes during the Barents Spectakel Festival in 2010 and 2012, and in Tromsø in 2015 during the Sami Week. This time, however, the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples(WGIP) has decided to locate the arrangements to Sweden, since Sweden has the presidency in the Barents Euro Arctic Council(BEAC).

The Congress will gather up indigenous representatives from all over the Barents region (Veps people Karelia in Russia, Nenets people from the Nenets Autonomous Region in Russia and Sami in Four Countries). The outcome of the congress is a joint resolution, which amongst other things focuses on the representation of indigenous peoples in the formal Barents Cooperation, as well as an Action Plan for the next four years.



The day after the congress, the WGIP will conduct the second Barents indigenous peoples´ summit. The purpose of the summit is to contribute to a closer dialogue between indigenous peoples in the Barents region and the federal authorities, as well as to exchange knowledge and experiences that can lead to more sustainable development among indigenous peoples.

The summit will gather representatives from the three indigenous groups in the region, as well as regional and state authorities from the four Barents countries. The summit has three main topics, and they are language, which corresponds to the UN's International Year of Indigenous Languages, regional politics and the truth and reconsiliation process.



Registration and booking questions:
If you have any questions or need any further information you are most welcome to contact Tina Jonsson at the event company
ASM Event who manage our bookings:
+46 73 - 817 89 28,

Questions about program or content:
If you have any questions or need any further information you are most welcome to contact event organizer:
Ida Holm Hansen, +47 950 61 078, 
Tatiana Egorova +47 (952) 299-45-07,

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Conference fees for participants:

 Day conference package* 27th and 28th may (Congress and Summit)
918 SEK incl. vat.

Day conference package* 27th may (Congress)
484 SEK incl. vat.

Day conference package* 28th may (Summit)
484 SEK incl. vat.

 *Day conference package includes per day:
Conference fee
Morning coffe break
Afternoon coffe break 

Two course evening dinner 27th may
285 SEK

Two course evening dinner with entertainment 28th may
435 SEK incl. vat.

Accommodation at Hotell Lappland

Double room
Including breakfast for 2 persons

1 200 SEK per night and room incl. vat.

Single room
Including breakfast for 1 person
975 SEK per night and room incl. vat.


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